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Ministry of Education

Muscat Region Al Seeb Oman Government


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500 - 1000



The Ministry of Education, represented by the Department of Statistics and Information, issued the annual book of Educational Statistics for the academic year 2020/2021. This book is one of the most important annual publications related to educational statistical data, and one of the most important sources for documenting this data in the Ministry. The Department of Statistics and Information is keen to issue this book annually, and to publish it electronically in multiple ways through the educational portal website; to make it easier for the beneficiary to access data. The annual book consists of (11) chapters, and includes many statistical data represented in government schools’ data in terms of numbers of students, academic classes, numbers of faculty, administrative, and technical staff. The book also contains data on the numbers of special education schools, private and international schools, and literacy classes and adult education. The book also includes data related to human resources, training and rehabilitation programs, information and communication technology data, and educational evaluation, in addition to the development of statistical data and financial data. The work on this version took nearly five months, and modern digital display methods (infographics) were used in designing statistical data to be a new addition to the contents of this version, and to keep pace with the method of tabulation and electronic publishing, in addition to its effectiveness in presenting statistical data in a more clear and smooth manner. The number of these infographics reached nearly (50) designs that were implemented by the design team at the Department of Statistics and Information in the Ministry.

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