Trainee Program Analyst

Malks Tech

Sep 26 2019

Job purpose: A Trainee Program Analyst is a professional who analyses corporate programs to assist in the development of more efficient systems, reducing costs, improving programs or assisting in implementing new programs. The programs or services can be internal or external for customers of the organization. Duties and responsibilities: - Serving in a consultant-role to advise and recommend to the management team regarding apps and/or software programs - Critically analyze and report upon draft and/or beta programs and test such programs to ensure they meet the needs of both the Company and the customer. - Co-ordinate and develop reports to improve the overall development and execution of programs. - Undertake quantitative and qualitative analysis of and evaluation of programs and providing management with information about improving and refining programs - Creates and maintains databases; enters and retrieves data; analyzes such data and creates queries to enable correct reports Requirements: - Should typically require an under-graduate degree in operations research, management science, business or a related discipline that has relevance to the core MALKS Tech business. - Requires strong analytical, problem-solving and computer skills, as well as a high level of attention to detail. - Ability to use computer software and databases to develop complicated statistical and/or research reports - Basic programming and/or scripting skills in order to develop reports

Muscat, Oman

1 - 2

Sep 26 2019 - Dec 31 2020